Bridges in

Global Bridges in Health creates a dialogue between diverse perspectives on healthcare

Connecting worlds in Healthcare

Global Bridges in Health supports the exchange between practitioners and researchers of different medical traditions to stimulate broader understanding, mutual learning and ultimately a more holistic approach to healthcare to the benefit of all.

What do we mean with diverse perspectives on healthcare?

Western science

Western biomedical science is often considered as the main and only relevant approach to health and wellbeing of people

Other practices

However, there are various other practices of medicine found across the planet such as : North American indigenous medicine, traditional Chinese medicine, Aryuveda etc.

Common ground

All of these, including western biomedical science have been practiced over centuries and though there is common ground across all practices, approaches to patient care vary based on the way health and wellbeing is perceived

To see from one eye with the strengths of Indigenous ways of knowing, and to see from the other eye with the strengths of Western ways of knowing, and to use both of these eyes together




To have a productive and meaningful engagement, a set of principles should be adhered to.
(Adapted from Wright et al. 2019 Int J of Qual Method)

  • Aim for the betterment of all, leave the world a better place
  • Be aware of your own perspectives, beliefs and values
  • Create room to blend, merge and integrate different perspectives
  • Equitable: all perspectives are valued 
  • Embrace decolonizing approaches
  • exercising critical reflexivity,  reciprocity and respect for self-determination,  embracing “Other(ed)” ways of knowing, and embodying a transformative praxis (Thambinathan et al 2021 Int J of Qual Methods)